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South Park Depicts Rape and Murder of Donald Trump

During Wednesday’s episode of South Park, the show took on Donald Trump and ended with a cartoon version of the Republican presidential candidate frontrunner being raped and murdered by Mr. Garrison.

Titled “Where My Country Gone?,” the episode focused on Mr. Garrison’s increasing anger at Canadian immigrants. “We should have put up a goddamn wall,” he says at the beginning of the episode. The teacher is later fired from his job at South Park elementary school for his extreme views, and then provides his policy on immigration: “F— them all to death.”

“I’m just saying what everyone is thinking here, kids. Sorry, not sorry,” Mr. Garrison tells his students.

As Mr. Garrison’s outlandish statements gain traction, he’s given a bigger platform. “F— them all to death. Let’s make this country great again,” Mr. Garrison says about Canadian immigrants, a clear reference to Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

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