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Husband of San Bernardino Shooting Survivor Backs Apple in FBI Battle

Mar 01, 2016

A man whose wife was injured in the San Bernardino shooting is supporting Apple as the FBI pressures the company to unlock an iPhone that belonged to one of the shooters.

Salihin Kondoker—whose wife, Anies Kondoker, survived the attack last December after being shot three times—said "privacy is important" in a two-page letter to the judge who ordered Apple to assist the FBI by creating software that would allow the bureau to bypass iPhone security protocols, the Washington Post reports. In court filings, Apple has said the order would grant the government a "dangerous power."

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“When I first learned Apple was opposing the order I was frustrated that it would be yet another roadblock,” he wrote to Magistrate Judge Sheri Pym. “But as I read more about their case, I have come to understand their fight is for something much bigger than one phone. They are worried that this software the government wants them to use will be used against millions of other innocent people. I share their fear.”

Kondoker encouraged Apple to "stay firm" in its decision and wondered whether there was any valuable information on the device, which was a work phone. “I also believe the FBI had and still has access to a lot of information which they have ignored and I’m very disappointed in the way they’ve handled this investigation,” he wrote.

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