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This Couple Won Halloween By Pranking People With Their ‘Levitating’ Star Wars Bike

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It may be early on Halloween, but this couple already won the costume contest.

YouTube vloggers Jesse Wellens and Carmella Rose dressed up as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, but not in their classic Star Wars garb. Instead, they dressed as Luke and Leia as rebels zipping through the forest world of Endor from The Return of the Jedi and the only thing missing was an Ewok or two.

While that retro costume would certainly rate well with Star Wars fans, Wellens and Rose had a plan to put their costume over the top. With a little help from some friends at Lithium Cycles, they built a replica of a Speeder Bike that looked like it was actually floating and rode it through the streets of Manhattan. The sight was exhilarating enough that even wizened, seen-it-all New Yorkers couldn’t help but gawk.

The entire escapade was captured on video by YouTube prankster Casey Neistat, who has teamed up with Wellens before for Halloween pranks like Aladdin and Silver Surfer taking magic carpet rides through the city. Watch Neistat’s video to see how the custom Star Wars Speeder Bike was built.

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