How to Seriously Tone Your Arms With Just a Bath Towel

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One of the easiest ways to fit in a ​workout is to recruit an everyday item in your home. That’s why a towel is of one of my most beloved workout props for a fun and effective arm workout. Almost everyone has an extra towel in their house, and unlike a resistance band, there’s no slack involved when you tug on one so ​there is little room for error and you engage all of your muscles.

But beware, you won’t get much of a workout with a towel if you don’t put in the work. There should be no slack in your towel during this routine!

Keep actively pulling out between each hand as though you are trying to rip the towel in half.​ From the towel gliders,​ to the towel tugs, this challenging upper body workout will leave you sore for days — and deliver serious results.

TIP: If you’re not feeling the burn, you’re not pulling hard enough on the towel. There should be no slack!

Perform this routine three to four times a week.

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